2023 Fall Home Show

Nampa, Idaho


The Staff at Fleetwood Homes in Nampa, Idaho express their deep gratitude to all attendees and participants whose presence and enthusiasm contributed to making our show an immense success

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Take a Tour of the Grace with Cody Winship


Shane Long Shows off the Brand New Opal


Brett Watterson Feature Benefits the Shoshone

Explore the Homes on Display at the 2023 Fall Home Show

Welcome to the dazzling lineup of our “Stars of the Show” — four brand new homes that redefine modern living: The Shoshone, The Opal, The Grace, and The Pursuit. Each residence represents a unique blend of innovation and style, showcased to captivate and inspire. From the spacious elegance of The Shoshone to the contemporary comfort of The Opal, the functional sophistication of The Grace, and the aesthetic functionality of The Pursuit, these homes stand as shining examples of quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Step into a world where living meets luxury, and explore the unmatched possibilities each of these stars brings to the forefront of home innovation.

As we close the curtain on this extraordinary showcase, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the incredible team at Fleetwood Homes whose unwavering dedication and hard work brought these extraordinary homes to life. Our gratitude also extends to the retailers whose valuable time and presence made this event truly special. To our sponsors, thank you for your support in making this show possible. Together, you have all played a vital role in bringing innovation, style, and inspiration to the forefront of the housing landscape. Here's to the collective efforts that have made this showcase a resounding success, and to the exciting future that awaits each of our showcased homes.

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