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Built For Life

Fleetwood homes are built for life. Your life. Our focus is meeting the ever changing lifestyle needs of its customers. Families from all walks of life invest in a Fleetwood home because of our reputation for building the finest homes, pricing them affordably, and backing them with outstanding service and warranty protection. There are many terms for this type of housing but our happy homeowners and their families and friends just like to call them “home.”

As a company, we started out building travel trailers. Then, over 50 years ago, we leveraged this expertise to pave the way for a whole new industry – residential manufactured homes and park models built off-site, in a controlled building environment by skilled, experienced craftsmen. Today we are one of the nation’s largest national manufactured home builders.

Fleetwood's Commitment to Satisfying Home Owners

Fleetwood's Unwavering Dedication to Homeowner Satisfaction Over 55 Years of Delivering Homeowner Satisfaction

Since its inception in 1950, Fleetwood has thrived on an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and service excellence. Owning a Fleetwood home translates to years of unparalleled comfort and contentment for our valued homeowners.

Fleetwood homes are synonymous with longevity. Designed around your life, our focus revolves around adapting to the evolving lifestyle preferences of our customers. Originating as travel trailer builders, we harnessed this expertise over half a century ago to pioneer an entirely new industry – crafting residential homes off-site, within a controlled environment. While these dwellings carry various labels, our delighted homeowners and their cherished ones simply refer to them as ‘home

Quality Employees

At the heart of every Fleetwood Homes factory are the employees who work to build your home. Fleetwood Homes employees are a proud and dedicated group whose goal is to provide the best home for your hard-earned money. The production staff at each location has extensive experience in the home building trades. In fact, many of our production team members have been with Fleetwood Homes over 20 years. With an average length of service being approximately 10 years at Fleetwood Homes, you can rest assured that your home is built by professionals.


Quality Brands

At Fleetwood Homes, we hold a deep appreciation for the significance of utilizing materials and appliances of the highest quality. This is far more than a mere construction; it’s the creation of your cherished abode.

The brands we select have earned their place as industry leaders, embodying excellence and durability. This choice underscores our commitment to your experience, ensuring that every facet of your new Fleetwood Home is backed by the legacy of superior craftsmanship.

These trusted partners represent a collective dedication to providing the finest elements in home creation. You can rest assured that your new Fleetwood Home is harmoniously assembled using materials and components from distinguished entities known for their unwavering commitment to construction excellence.

Quality Control

Fleetwood Homes’ Quality Assurance Process is paramount in ensuring compliance with Federal Factory-built Housing Construction Safety Standards (or HUD code). Our own in-house quality control team, as well as independent third party agencies, inspects your home during each phase of the construction process. These codes ensure that your home is built to specific structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and safety standards Fleetwood Homes also supports the Systems Building Research Alliance, The Factory-built Housing Institute, The HUD Code Consensus Committee, and other related industry organizations. These organizations continually work towards improving and updating the building codes of factory-built housing. Consumer safety and satisfaction is the first priority.

Quality Materials

All Fleetwood Homes are built in an environmentally controlled manufacturing facility with no exposure to the outside elements. The same holds true for our building material storage. We store all building materials in an environmentally controlled warehouse, with no exposure to the outdoor elements. All materials are stored per the supplier’s recommendations. Our own internal Quality Assurance Process requires a weekly inspection of stored materials to assure they are in ready-to-use condition. Our suppliers, independent third Party inspection provider, and other governing agencies also conduct periodic inspections of our stored materials.

Manufactured Home Kitchen

Quality Home Design

Fleetwood Homes are designed to enhance the quality of today’s lifestyles. We have a home to fit whatever stage of life you are in. First time home buyers, a family that’s growing, or an empty nester can all find homes to fit their needs. Our design team had created a portfolio of floor plans, decors, and optional amenities to ensure the flexibility needed to satisfy your housing needs.

Manufactured Home Bathroom

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Fleetwood's Accolades and Recognitions

Your New Home Investment is Protected

When you invest in a home from Fleetwood, you can be sure you’re getting a home that has been built with quality materials by expert craftsmen. But if any issues to arrive, you also have the backing of one of the best warranties in the industry. The structural components of your home are covered for any defects in material and workmanship for one year after your purchase.

If you need to use your warranty, we are there to help with service that’s done right, quickly, and with a smile. Our warranty means buying a Fleetwood home is not only a sound decision; it’s a painless one.

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